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Hållbar utveckling och långsiktigt skydd av människan och naturen.

Murrelektronik is committed to the objectives of environmental protection. Special emphasis is given to the protection of employees and customers. This begins with the selection of raw materials: no material hazardous to health is used for the production of Murrelektronik products, as prescribed by the Dangerous Substances Directive. Lead-free production is of special importance: Murrelektronik follows the guidelines of the RoHS directive. This is also taken into account when selecting suppliers.

The very modern production facilities are designed to use less energy. Environmental criteria are also considered for shipping our goods. Only recyclable materials, such as polythene wrap and cardboard boxes are used as packing material.

Internationell kontakt

Internationell kontakt

Murrelektronik värdesätter kontakter. Du hittar kunnig personal i våra lokala kontor och partnerföretag – över hela världen.